Family Photographs

This is a shot of the “Before”;  many frames, some wanted some not, many photos, some wanted some not.  Both mixed together with not apparent pattern.  Firstly choose the frames you like ignoring the photos inside. After sorting the two piles into want frames and unwanted frames take the unwanted frame category and take out any photos you want in the frames and put them in a pile of wanted photos. Out the unwanted frames in a box for charity.  Then take the wanted frame pile and see if you like the photo in that frame the way it is or if you would like to put a different one in.  if you like it as is put it in a category called perfect as is.  Then take the wanted frames with pictures you’d like to change and remove the photos tossing the ones you don’t want and placing to the side photos you do want.  Put the frames in a pile called wanted frames. Now you have categories called wanted frames, wanted photos, perfect as is, charity box of unwanted frames and trash of unwanted photos.

The next step might be to place the perfect pictures around the house to see how you are doing space-wise.  It will help you to make decisions going forward.

Begin sorting by family, family member or year/era for example.  Once you have all like categories together you can better choose which photos you want to keep, toss and give away to family/friends.  When you have all the photos you want and the frames you want you can begin to assemble them in pairs and find places for them around the house.  Hopefully you have not made more than you have space for. You may need to prioritize.




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