Finding a China Set for the Next in LIne

After a life of raising children, bidding adieu to parents, toiling in a career and living in one place for along time things add up.  When it’s time for a child to get married it’s time to reassess your own life as part of this life benchmark.  And so, opening up the closets we find a plethora of things.  In this case China, from parents, travels, friends.  It’s the right time to source items fit to pass along to the next generation.  There are at least two full sets in the mix but we have to sort everything first by category to be sure we have it all before we make decisions about the destiny of the dish-ware.  After three hours we have pulled it all from the closets and sorted it into like categories in order to choose the set for the soon-to-be-married and hone the collection down to that which is wanted and/or needed.




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