Identity Theft


Everyone wants to avoid the disaster of identity theft. Most of my clients have shredders sitting by their desks with piles of checks, mutual fund statements and other documents waiting to be shredded sitting right beside. So often shredders really aren’t equipped to handle the cardboard-backed check books, the volume of mutual fund statements, take too much time, break under the stress.

UPS is shredding documents. 207-947-9999 $1.25/lb. or $5/large box.

Some companies will do on-site shredding. They come with a truck, equipped with shredder, to your door and you watch as they shred your documents. At times you have to schedule ahead or have a minimum for them to come. Other times your area may not be one serviced or it may be prohibitively expensive. Whatever the case if you can manage to put the box labeled “to shred” in the car with the recyclables and stop by UPS you can take care of that pile too.

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