A Perfectly Clutter-Free Home?

I recently had a client whose home was unlike any I had ever seen before. As soon as I entered I felt an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and calm. The entry room was largish in size containing a sort of living/kitchen area with cream tile floor, walls and ceiling. The furniture was upholstered in soft earth-tones. The fine wood cupboards were a very light color. The whole inside blended like cream with the exception of the green accent of a plant of two. As an organizer I was dumbfounded. How could this person possibly need me? But when he opened up the drawers I saw the reason. Beneath the serene exterior lay the jumble of the home. We pulled everything out and laid it on the couch for viewing. Things that better belonged in the basement or other rooms went to the side of the room that was in that direction. Note: we did not actually go to the places where the things would live at that time. We did this after everything in the job at hand was accounted. In this way we did not get distracted and the process of organizing that piece of furniture we started with did not get fragmented. Things to go to other people, voluminous amounts of coins to take to the bank in exchange for dollars, free give-a-ways that needed to be tossed-away and receipts for taxes were among the items. After sifting through the maze we had made a first-ever to-do list with about twenty things related to the things we found in the mix. Within days the client had crossed off things on the list that had been waiting to be done for a long time.

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