Bathroom Organization

Hair, skin, nails, towels, sheets, makeup, cleaning supplies; there are so many things we store in our bathrooms. My recent client wanted to make her bathroom more effective for quicker morning ready time and more appealing visually. The bathroom was very clean and had a wonderful action area work space in front of a large mirror with great lights. The client was able to trash unusable items easily and let go of unwanted items for an upcoming yard sale so she made my job very easy.
The following are the before shots.





In two hours we categorized, weeded and replaced her sheets, hair, skin, nail, teeth products, finding some that were expired, others that needed replacing, others that she never used, others that she liked but never accessed because they weren’t handy. Follows are the after shots.

These are the sheets she kept. You can see we gained an entire shelf this way. One tip for storing sheets is to make sure they are folded so you can see identifying features in one glance without having to take them out and unfold them to find out if it’s the kind of case that has a zipper to go under another case or if it’s an exterior case etc. Another tip is to envelope complete sets into the fitted sheet so that pillow cases don’t get separated. Fitted sheets can be folded with corners “cupped” into each other.



Follows are her revised skin and hair storages.




One tip for hair dryer and iron cords is to rubber band the excess so that they don’t tangle as much.

One makeup tip I use is to open the eyeshadows that have solid tops so that you can see them on one drawer pull without having to open them up all the time. It is important of course that you make space for each one so they don’t pile up.



Finally we did the same with her nail polish which had been stored on a shelf too high to see any except the front eight. We moved them to a pull open drawer instead to be able to see all colors at a glance.


Beyond the basic organization we talked about how to get her jewelry into the bathroom since it was her main dressing area closest to her closet rather than her dressers near the bed. She had extensive collections and they were stored in a lovely dresser but the dresser was not in a place that was easily accessible and they items were not categorized into a system for ease of access. I noticed that below her excellent prep space she had a fake drawer as part of the cabinetry. I suggested she find a handy-person to transform it into a working drawer to store the jewelry.

There are tray storage systems available online. There are also armoirs that can be mounted on a wall in the bath made to hang necklaces and others behind a mirror that opens like a medicine cabinet. As long as one does not pile necklaces on top of others it is very convenient and the mirror makes the room look bigger.

Don’t beat yourself up if a system is not working. It’s possible it’s too difficult making you not want to use it. In these cases a professional organizer comes with custom efficient system ideas for better use.

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