Minimizing the Chains of Stuff

The things we own also own us.  Clothes demand tailoring, cars demand maintenance, jewelry must be polished, photos must be organized, etc.

I spoke with an older gentleman who expressed that if he could do it over he would have done things differently building his house.  He told me that he bought all the tools necessary for the construction when he should have rented them or hired someone to do the things that demanded expensive tools because he never used them again.

This conversation came to mind when I watched the Ted Talk about “Collaborative Consumption” which describes how digital networks are enabling people to have access to things without having to own them which is more eco-friendly as well as easier to be organized.

More collaborative consumption sites include, swaptree, and time banks.


Using collaborative consumption to reduce, reuse, recycle and make your life easier to organize.

Building a Home Without Buying All the Tools

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