My Most Organized Client-Cross Country Move

Last week I had the pleasure to work with my most organized client to date.  She moved a family of four from Florida to Maine.  Within three days of two people working 50 boxes were not only unpacked but the contents placed where they would permanently “live” in the home.

Guest Room Before Unpack Day Two

I asked her how she achieved such a feat.  I have clients that have moved twice across country with 40 boxes unpacked each move and still have them in their basement.  She said that six months ago she had an operation that rendered her unable to move around as usual.  She had her husband and 21 year old son bring boxes from various parts of the house to her and she told them where they should go;  discard, charity, save.  She eliminated a great deal that she decided was not important enough to move.  Then when she regained her full mobility and the time to have the movers come came close, she had all items in their appropriate rooms so that the movers would pack each room together and write the name of that room on the box.  Then the movers placed boxes with things to be stored on the second floor upstairs and those thing to be stored downstairs there. It felt very interesting to be working as a team with a woman who had the same organizing skills as I.  Here are some before and after shots.

Guest Room After Unpack Day Two

Kitchen, fully set up by day one

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