Simple Things

Organizing need not be limited to large visual relief crescendos.  

Long cords for ease of use

Finding an extra long phone cord on sale I bought one for one senior's bedside table.

When you organize, examine the meaning of your life surrounding objects one by one, you will think about things you’ve been using for years in a new way.  Take for example a telephone cord.  On the phone pictured here there had been a cord of about a foot and a half long.  The phone sits on the bedside table.  If the resident feels unwell or there is an emergency she needs to be able to use it easily.  It’s a well-designed phone in that it has large dial numbers but as I stood gazing into the JobLot sale bin of phone accessories one day my mind thought of an improvement.  I would buy an extra long cord for 50 cents so that if she had to be on the phone for an extended amount of time she wouldn’t have to stay hunched over the phone to keep the base from being pulled off onto the floor with a CRASH and a disconnect.  She could sit on the adjacent chair or even stay in bed. 

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