Penobscot Theatre-Getting Organized

Donating organizing time to area organizations gives me insight into the people and ideas that make up our community.  The Penobscot Theatre is one of these institutions.  I am helping to revamp their enormous costume department.  I started with the jewelry.  A good system was already well in place, it just needed some untangling.  In making this system I had to take into account several things;  that many people would be using it and that few would have time to navigate an intricate system.  So I made sure not to make too many categories, made the categories with the easy to shape-adapt and view material of plastic zip bags.  Instead of making “green necklaces, beaded, short” I made “green necklaces, beaded”.  This is a very simplified example of how a professional organizer works to design a system that works for the particular client’s needs.  Rather than simply “tidying up”, the organizer is faced with the challenge of making clients’ lives easier by analyzing efficiency;  redesigning something that is more fluid.  If the client is very organizationally challenged it’s vital not to make a system that has too many separations, unless each category is enormous in size, so that contents can be guessed by a glance rather than with focussed concentration as a legal assistant might have to do.

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