Kitchen Desk Before

Kitchen Desk After

Kitchen Desk After-This space now serves as a kitchen counter/natural dying station/office/medicine cabinet


Home Organizing

Organizing for any items in any part of the home; stacks of mail, closet, pantry, tools, sewing room, garage, basement, home office, entry-way/mud room, kitchen, attic, photos, newsletters, magazines, books, records, memorabilia, toys, “junk drawers” and more.  You are left with a system that is easy for you to maintain.

Special collections and antiques can be inventoried and properly stored for display, insurance, and inheritance purposes. New home items can be researched and recommended.


Office Organizing

Home owners and small businesses alike gain productivity and efficiency by the creation of information flow structures and a command center;  paper and file management, office supplies and tools such as calendars, phone and address books.  Individual employee assistance is helpful for those who deviate from the company norm and preference.

New office equipment can be researched and recommended.

Space Planning

A new set of objective eyes can help rearrange your furniture, storage and decoration to create better use, appearance and feeling of your spaces.

Home remodel plans can be reviewed to be sure that the actual and particular daily home routines of your family are taken into consideration before any decisions that can’t be reversed take place.  An adequate recycle area is often overlooked along with cupboard design accessibility.

Small businesses may expand needing new kinds of spaces such as a shipping area or one for a new employee.

Relocation and Downsizing

Help with the overwhelming task of sorting, purging, packing. unpacking and new home set-up can help make the process easier. An organizer can liaise with all related service providers including utility and moving companies according to a calendar-planned timeline.  The organizer can space plan for the new location and  manage a check list of all logistical issues to address related to your particular situation.

Prepare your home for sale.  In order to show your home in the best possible light to buyers and help your realtor sell your home Finely Sorted can help to reduce clutter in your home by pre-packing non-essential items.  It doesn’t increase your overall cost of moving it just puts some of the necessary cost into the budget earlier.

Public Presentations

Being organized in a society as complex as ours is a major challenge for people so groups are often interested to hear about how to tame the tiger and get some practical tips for every day ease.  Talks are tailored to the particular audience whether it be seniors, school kids or professional organizations.  Interactive experience is included to engage the listener beyond passive learning.


Non-profit organizations receive a complimentary consulting visit to help with productivity.