Home Cleanouts-Ready-for-Sale

There are so many homes that don’t sell because the sellers don’t make a dream.  Clutter, obstacles, poor furnishing, dirt-are all easy fixes when you hire an organizer with style and experience. Last year I organized, cleaned and staged a five bedroom inherited home that had been lifeless on the market for three years because the shared sibling ownership was leaderless until I sparked hope. Withing 3 months of a $2,500 investment the house sold for close to asking price.

Home Organizing

I organize stacks of mail, closets, pantries, tools, garages, basements, home office, entry-way/mud room, kitchen, attic, photos, newsletters, magazines, books, records, memorabilia, toys, “junk drawers” and more.  You are left with a system that is easy for you to maintain because it’s built based on your words, habits and aptitudes.

Office Organizing

Home owners and small businesses alike gain productivity and efficiency by the creation of information flow structures and a command center;  paper and file management, office supplies and tools such as calendars, phone and address books.  Individual employee assistance is helpful for those who deviate from the company norm and preference.

New office equipment can be researched and recommended.

Relocation and Downsizing

I help families unpack once the movers have brought in all the boxes. Either working side-by-side the owner or independently, I put things where they belong creating the system for the new home simultaneously.

Public Presentations


Non-profit organizations receive a complimentary consulting visit to help with productivity.