Home Cleanouts-Ready-for-Sale

There are so many homes that don’t sell because of clutter, paint, non-complimentary furnishing, dirt.  These are all simple fixes with the help of a trained eye. Last year I helped a client organize, hold a yard sale, clean and staged (using items already on-hand) a five bedroom inherited home that had been lifeless on the market for three years because the shared sibling ownership was adrift with indecision and lack of staging knowledge. Within 3 months of a $3,500 investment the house sold for close to asking price.

Home Organizing

I organize stacks of mail, closets, pantries, tools, garages, basements, home office, entry-way/mud room, kitchen, attic, photos, newsletters, magazines, books, records, memorabilia, toys, “junk drawers” and more.  The client is left with a system that is easy to maintain because it’s tailor-made based on habits and aptitudes.

Office Organizing

Home owners and small businesses alike gain productivity and efficiency by the creation of information flow structures and a command center;  paper and file management, office supplies and tools such as calendars, phone and address books.  

Relocation and Downsizing

I help families pack and/or unpack for moves. Weeding on the front end is vital if the client has time, packing boxes based on their destination and origin, unpacking based on their purpose.