Virtual Organizing 

Organizing virtually via the Internet is surprisingly effective;  it’s as if I were actually there.  The client points the camera of their device toward the area to be worked on and I guide them through each item until the area is under control. Virtual organizing is more affordable than in-person organizing because so many charges can be eliminated.

Home Prep-for-Sale

There are so many homes that don’t sell because of clutter, finish, color, darkness and non-complimentary furnishing and arrangement.  These are all simple fixes with the help of a trained eye.  I organize and stage homes so that time on the market can be minimized.

Home & Office Organizing

From office papers to the “junk-drawer” I organize just about anything.  The client helps me shape a system based on habits, needs and abilities.

Relocation and Downsizing

Moving is a great time to organize because not only do you create success for your future home system by taking only the things you need and love but the money you spend on organizing services you save in moving weight and time handling unneeded items. Invest in short term help to pack and/or unpack a move so that you don’t buy more of what you already have in boxes and set up your space quickly for peace of mind.

Wardrobe Triage 

Need a new spin on the old rack? Just as with anything having an outside eye evaluate your collection can give lots of insight. I work in tandem with freelance stylists to fill out or lean down what you have in stock. Color, texture, shape, fabric, cut, coordination, tromp d’oeil, washability, comfort, climate, cost-there are lots of things to consider.