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What is Virtual Organizing and How Does it Work?


Prep Home for Sale

Posted on July 21, 2017 by admin

When tasked to prep a home for sale I find things that I think would be nice to stage it when it is all done so it can be put on the market using things already available instead of buying new. Here are some views of this:

“PTSD is like having a ‘Junk Drawer'”, MPBN

Posted on November 11, 2013 by admin

Maine Public Television profiled a Maine Sherif who has instituted a new way of handling inmates based on his traumatic experience in the Iraq war and his battle with PTSD. The therapist likened PTSD to a “Junk Drawer” in the home, something you never want to open because it’s overflowing with things you don’t know what to do with. Therapy takes out all those things for review and examination. It’s difficult, one doesn’t really want to do it but if ignored the burden of the mess revisits every time you need something. Once the trauma is allowed to be felt again in a safe environment with guidance it can be put back in the drawer neat and organized so that the life-long memory, though always there, can be used in a productive way and healing can take place. The sheriff has put those Vets that have been convicted of crimes together so that they have the shared experience that hastens the healing process and the court has a dedicated judge who can understand what PTSD is. The process doesn’t always rescue the Vet even given all the things that go right for him or her but it’s a move toward improvement.

Prep - to - Sell - Kitchen - BEFORE

Prep - to - Sell Kitchen - AFTER

Prep - to - Sell - BEFORE

Prep - to - Sell - AFTER

Prep -to - Sell - BEFORE

Prep - to - Sell- AFTER

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