Why get organized?                                                           

Three basics;  psychic peace from a clutter-free environment, increased productivity and efficiency to accomplish life goals and make space for pleasure, making your systems accessible to another person in case of unexpected events.

How can a professional organizer help me?

A professional organizer can clean out a closet, create a paper and digital file system that allows  important information access when needed, plan space for a kitchen remodel or a new residence,  pack/unpack for a move, streamline information flow to increase productivity of office work, work with various specific populations such as children, seniors, students, the chronically disorganized.

Why hire a professional organizer?

A professional organizer tailors systems to fit your natural habits and work styles, ways of thinking, environmental factors and priorities.  There is no replacing the on-site recommendations and hands-on creation that happens when you  hire a professional organizer. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Hire a pro so you can spend time doing the things you like to do.  By making the appointment you make the commitment in your schedule. Carving out the time in your calendar is part of the battle. Having someone with you keeps you focused, motivated and confident in your decisions about what to do with the things that impede your “Flo”.

How long will it take to get organized?

An organizing  system can be set up fairly quickly.  Because things and information change in meaning as time goes by (you no longer need your children’s college loan information because they are old enough to manage it on their own for example), staying organized is a constant process needing regular attention. The faster you can make decisions about what things and papers mean to you the faster the faster to get organized.

Will the organizer ask me to throw away my belongings?

The organizer will ask you what the things and information mean in your life and when and how you use them. If it’s an object or information that you no longer need, there is no reason to make it harder for yourself to maintain order by increasing the number of things to keep in control. If it’s got sentimental meaning the organizer will help you find a place for it to rekindle feelings but not interfere with system functioning.

How can I trust someone with my sensitive things such as love letters, mutual fund statements, medical histories and valuable jewelry? 

Examining references and testimonials will show that the professional has been trusted with these things before.  A career professional organizer prides herself on confidentiality, compassion, objectivity, respect and the selfless aim to help clients.

I have been disorganized my whole life, is there any chance I can change?

A professional organizer will transfer valuable skills and insight to the client so that s/he can learn how to be organized while working with the pro.

Do I have to be present to work with the organizer or will s/he work alone?

Though I always start with the client, many projects can be started in the client’s absence. One of the first steps of organizing is to sort. This needs little guidance and will greatly reduce the time and effort the client spends organizing. After the sorting is done the organizer consults with the client as to how s/he would like things set up and stored.

Have you worked with hoarding clients?

Yes. There are some things I can help with and some things for which I encourage clients to seek out other area professionals to focus on the problem from different directions.

What do I do with all the stuff I organized out of my life?

Goodwill and other charities will give you a receipt and a guideline for value of donated items. If you can give away more than your standard itemized deduction then you have saved time that a yard sale would have taken.

National Association of Professional Organizers