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Kitchen/Office/Craft Nook-BEFORE

Kitchen/Office/Craft Nook - AFTER

Prep - to - Sell - Basement - BEFORE

Prep-to-Sell - Basement - AFTER

Unpack Move - BEFORE

Unpack Move - AFTER

Family Photos - BEFORE

Family Photos - AFTER

Manufacturer's Area-BEFORE

New Shipping Area -AFTER

Prep - to - Rent -BEFORE

Prep - to - Rent - AFTER

Prep-to Sell - Inventory

Family Move Unpack in Three Days

Prep-to-Sell - Design

Kitchen - BEFORE

Kitchen - AFTER

Prep-to-Sell after 50 years -BEFORE

Prep-to-Sell after 50 years - AFTER





Seven-Year Tax Purge

Pre - to - Sell - Porch Decor

Prep - to - Sell- Bedroom Decor

Bangor Unitarian Church Archives

Bangor Unitarian Church Archives

Buffet- BEFORE

Buffet - AFTER

Study - BEFORE

Study - AFTER

Kim has worked for me over the past ten years to “get my home in order”. Her creativity is not lost in her diligent work style. She understood my special interests as well as practical necessities and set up a system that she carefully explains. -C.Z., Maine