Too far away from Bangor, Maine to hire an organizer to come help you organize? Budget short? Prefer more privacy? Need more schedule flexibility? Able to do physical work? Need guidance? Other reasons?

The video above is provided by It shows briefly how a session starts with the client using his/her device to show the organizer through the work space. The organizer then walks the client through the organizing process until the space is as fully organized as the client needs.

  1. Connect via phone or Internet video (Zoom, FaceBook VideoChat, Google Hangouts/Meet, Facetime)

  2. Point the camera of your device at the work space

  3. I walk you through the process

Client Testimonial:

"Hey Kim. You’re amazing! I am grateful for your gifts. Thank you for spending the time with me and getting things systemized/organized. I never thought I’d get to the point of really wanting things in order. But the better organized I am the more room I have in my life for better relationships. It looks like it’s about stuff but it really is about getting the junk, which is clouding up my mind and physical space. Out of the way so that I can be more present in life. I finally have a “foundation” and my energy is renewed;) Through this process, I have learned so much from you that I will carry with me. These lessons you have taught me are not easily unlearned thank God!" -S. G., Winterport, Maine