Virtual Organizing

(via Internet Video Platforms)

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This is what one client felt after her first session: "Thank you so much Kim! I was a little doubtful how this would work, but you are amazing! Obviously a pro! Quite used to people like me who get overwhelmed.... once you got me in the groove it was much easier to understand, and yes I was able to keep going. Can’t wait for our next session!!" - L. King


  • More Affordable: It’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a Pro to come to the site in-person and as long as you can do the physical part just as fast as if I were there on-site.
  • More Educational: Because the process is completely filtered through the client who must process all organizing steps and actually do them, the client acquires and retains more organizing skills to bring into their future.
  • More Private: Many clients have told me they are embarrassed to have someone see the entire home.
  • Geographical Freedom: I can help clients who live anywhere provided there is high-speed Internet access.
  • Schedule Flexibility: We can arrange to work at a wider time frame than if I were to come in-person.

How Does it Work?

  • After purchasing organizing time with me, we schedule a time to connect via a high-speed Internet video platform such as Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Video Chat.
  • You point the camera of your device (desk or laptop computer, Ipad or smart phone) at the area you want to organize. You will see me in your monitor and I will see you and the work space in my monitor.
  • I talk you through each item asking you questions that help you make the necessary decisions about what to do with each item until the area is custom-organized to your specific needs, desires and abilities.

Virtual Organizing Testimonials:

“Wow! For someone who’s house is way too big for a person who is overwhelmed by “stuff”. She can just break it down. She has been to my house, and we have done virtual sessions, both equally as good! If you can’t figure out how to tackle a project Kim will make it seem easy. The price is right! She is great. Trust me you won’t shock her. Definitely recommend! Thanks a million!”-L.K., Ellsworth, Maine

“A big thanks to Kim Corey of Finely Sorted Organizing for Home and Office for taking time today to help me organize via Skype! My entryway looks much better now!!” -E.L. Hampden, Maine