Most people are surprised to find out I help people get organized virtually. A simple Google search shows how many are doing it and how effective it is.  Advantages are many:

  • More Privacy:  Many clients have told me they are embarrassed to have me see their home.  Organizing Virtually eliminates this problem. There are many reasons one might not want someone to enter the home – this takes care of all of them.
  • Geographical Freedom:  No Professional Organizer near you? I can help clients who live anywhere; Maine, Germany or Tahiti…at anytime; 7AM or 10PM!
  • More Affordable:  It’s a fraction of the cost of hiring me in-person.  I no longer have to charge the client for: use of my car (depreciation, insurance,  gas),  travel time or inconvenience of driving.

How Does it Work?

  • You click the yellow “BUY NOW” button on any page of my website to pay for a live-real time two-hour organizing session with me using PayPal or a credit card pictured under the yellow button.  I contact you to schedule a specific time sending you a letter of agreement to prepare for your session.
  • At the agreed time we connect using an Internet video platform such as Google Hangouts or Skype with high-speed Internet.
  • You point the camera of your device (desk/laptop computer, Ipad or Phone) at the area you want to organize.  You will see me in your monitor and I will see you and the work space in my monitor.
  • I talk you through each item asking you question that help you make the necessary decisions about what to do with each item until the area is custom-organized to your specific needs, desires and abilities.
Client Testimonial:  “Kim is an excellent and efficient home organizer. She not only did this at our mother’s home in Maine but also at her Pennsylvania home. She is personable, easy-going and compassionate, yet strives to get the job done.  As you can imagine decades of materials and miscellaneous items can collect in homes.  Kim has a solid understanding of how to de-clutter in a manner that is not overly stressful.”      -M.H., Newton, Massachusetts